Our Offering

“Innovative & Progressive”


24/7 Monitoring

When the CCTV systems is partnered with our highly tailored remote monitoring service, we can provide the peace of mind you deserve 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The latest software is deployed, and all control room operatives are fully qualified and briefed as per your specific needs. We ensure you recieve maximum protection.

Mobile Monitoring

Using our mobile app, you can connect to your site from anywhere in the world. All you need is our app and a web connection. Once installed, use the app to connect to your site and view real-time and pre-recorded images from your site cameras in full high definition.

Rapid Response

If there is an intruder detected on your site, we are alerted immediately and are able to respond to all incidents rapidly and effectively, engaging keyholders, security partners and the emergency services as required. Where appropriate, our partners will also conduct a perimeter check to identify potential problems.

Drone Footage

Utilising state-of-the-art drone technology, we work closely with you to capture and document your site, from foundation to completion. Each flight provides ample opportunity to shoot dynamic footage to put your build, your brand and your work clearly on display - all capped off with a bespoke production at the end of your project.
Our very own AiSITE intelligent security system covers the entire visible image range of the camera, ensuring that distant intruders and vehicles are effectively recognised and detected.
Our cutting-edge innovative technology is designed to bring your site security to the latest standards. Unique to Forward Security Systems Ltd and unlike traditional PIR based systems, AiSITE covers the entire visible image range of the camera, ensuring that intruders and vehicles are identified accurately and consistently as they come into view of the camera.
Our AiSITE Solar Site Security System represents the very latest evolution in our stand-alone CCTV systems. Designed to be used on sites without access to mains power, generators or equipment cabins, our AiSITE Solar unit can be installed quickly and cost effectively to ensure your site is protected to the highest levels, with a small carbon footprint and minimal site impact.
Introducing the AiSITE Access range. This solution boasts an unrivalled face recognition system and biometric technology for external harsh environments. We use the industry’s best and most reliable facial recognition and biometric solutions. Coupled with our additional bespoke software, your front-end platform provides a fantastic capture system, from deliveries to roll calls, time and attendance, to BREEAM capture, local labour and much more.
Where mains power is unavailable and wired detection is not an option, our AiSITE Wireless offers your site a complete independent and flexible site security system without compromising on quality. Encompassing peak clarity design using high resolution imagery to provide a true rival to standard CCTV solutions and set up in a fraction of the time, the AiSITE Wireless runs smoothly in even the most remote locations.



We will carry out regular and comprehensive assessments of the overall condition of your CCTV equipment. Initially carried out remotely by our technicians, we will conduct an electronic system health check to ensure that all cameras, detectors and alarms are working to their optimum level.


If during this health check we find that your CCTV system requires attention or that you report a failure to us, we will first attempt to resolve the fault, remotely and instantly. We will then send an engineer to your site to rectify the fault, so you can be sure that the system continues to protect your site to the highest level as required.

Equipment Maintenance

As your site develops, we ensure the field of view continues to offer optimum cover. Our after-care service keeps a close eye on your site to ensure your security equipment is not compromised and your site remains secure. Where sites dynamically change and adapt, so too does our security.


Whatever the size of your site and security need, we will work closely with you to ensure that the system is kept in optimum condition, allowing you to benefit from the peace of mind it delivers for many weeks, months and years to come. The key is partnership and communication.
We employ our own team of highly skilled and qualified professional engineers who are always available to ensure that we can respond to your security equipment installation and service needs.
AiSITE ANPR - this solution provides an automated vehicle entry point system complete with database functionality. The number plate is recognised on entry, stored into the system, and a log is kept. That same vehicle will then be checked and marked as left once it has exited to provide a truly intelligent solution. With the option of carbon capture too, this becomes far more than just number plate recognition.
Introducing AiSITE Thermal - the Temperature Detection system which is designed to be deployed on site to detect instances of abnormal workforce temperature, giving you the freedom to take the necessary action to assist the individual and protect your workforce - all in real time. Due to human temperature variance, accuracy is key - AiSITE Thermal uses a Black Body temperature source for optimum precision, +/-0.3 °c.
Continuing our green energy initiative, AiSITE Rapid is a deployment solution that offers 360-degree vision without the need for mains power. Using our AiSITE Rapid solution and innovation these towers are quick to install, easy to transport, resistant to the elements and a massive tick in the box for a friendlier environment and BREEAM compliance - a success for green energy solutions.
Our AiSITE Timelapse service provides a visual record of your project as it progresses. We can provide start to finish visuals no matter what the length of the project is. We use custom built, in-house high-end cameras to gather images from your site which you can access via your own tailored client web page, including historic image searches and a final end video custom to your project.