The Process

“Innovative & Progressive”


Site Visit

One of our professional Business Development Managers will arrange a site visit to carry out a full security survey and provide you with expert advice, tailored specifically to you and the solution you require. All our surveys are extremely comprehensive and completely free. Our site visits dovetail nicely with our consultation process.

Risk Assessment

Safety is paramount for all our installations, ensuring your site remains safe and industry legislation is adhered to at all times. We provide a highly detailed risk assessment to ensure that each and every installation is completed safely and responsibly, by our fully accredited engineers and in line with our very high standards.


We work closely with our suppliers to develop a unique system specification designed to provide you with the optimal security solution for your site. We take all your needs into consideration. The quotations and site plans are built using the industry standard AutoCAD. We overlay a specification onto your site to accurately display the level of cover and protection.


The proposal describes in detail the entire system and service range on offer to meet your site security needs. Built entirely digitally, our proposals are bespoke and tailored to represent a true security solution, providing you a transparent window into what, when, and how we intend to protect your site and for how much.

Our 6 Step Process

1. Intruder Enters Site

High definition AI enhanced CCTV cameras monitor your site 24/7 looking out for any suspicious activity.

2. Detection Triggers/Alarm

Artificial intelligence detection is activated as the intruder enters site. The video alarm is transmitted to our control room in real time.

3. Control Room Analyse The Threat

Our operator opens the alarm and reviews the footage in real time.

4. Audio Warning Issues

If a threat is detected an immediate live audio warning is issued, this will usually result in the intruder leaving site

5. Intruder Tracked On Screen

The operator tracks the intruder and calls for response from either the police or our uniformed partners.

6. Security Respond To The Threat

Uniformed response attends site and carries out a full patrol ensuring the site is secure before leaving.

Benefit From Our Many Years Of Experience

Forward Security Services Ltd was formed to resolve the problems caused by opportunistic and professional criminals targeting a range of industries. With over 25 years of experience in technology-based security solutions, you can be assured of a level of expertise and competence that is second to none.
Our honest, reliable. and efficient approach has been proven time and time again. We have worked on some of the most prestigious sites for the biggest names in a variety of industries.